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Celtic Weave China is a family business which employs twelve people working at a specialist craft.

Tommy Daly and four members of his family work there.

Tommy along with his son Adrian and his nephew Paul are Master basket & flower makers.
His wife Patricia is the china painter who paints each individual item painstakingly by hand.
And lastly, his other nephew Michael is the slip caster.

Our business is this size by choice.
Welcome from Celtic Weave China and the Daly family.
Tommy's grandfather and his father spent all their working lives at the Belleek Potteries, as did Tommy, until 1985, when he decided to form his own pottery.

Adrian, Tommy's son, had more or less decided to study architecture, when , as a summer job, he went into the pottery's workshop.

By the end of six weeks working there he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this was what he wanted most to do, and so he became the fourth generation of the Daly family to work at this craft.
We maintain the highest standards in developing and producing our innovative and exciting designs. At Celtic Weave China, 'Quality' is always the way of life and 'Perfection' our perpetual aspiration.
The current Celtic Weave team is the fourth generation of the Daly Family to reach the level of Master Craftsmen.

The Product is only available through our website, or directly from our Pottery.

We also design product for Tiffany & Company, which is totally exclusive to them.